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Garage Door Panels Replacement

Questions and Answers

Can garage door panels be replaced?
The garage door is almost 20 yrs old and the bottom panel is rotted out and has been painted over many times. I didn’t know if replacement panels were available anywhere. It may be cheaper to just replace it with the newer no maintenance doors. Thanks to all who replied….

Posted by Joe


THIS IS NOT A DIY JOB! The springs that help you open and close the door are under a lot of tension. Many have been seriously injured. Yes a professional should be able to replace damaged panels. It should take a few hours labor, material costs depend entirely on the style, and availability of your existing door.


Help me please! I smashed a hole through one of my garage door panel!?
I was on my bike, and i was holding something on both of my hands. so i couldn’t break properly and i smashed right through the one of the squares on the panel.

Posted by Jim

Admin: What material is the garage door made of? I presume it’s not glass otherwise you could seriously hurt yourself. Well, the only solution of course is to simply replace the damaged panel. That would be cheaper than replacing the entire garage door.