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How do I repair my garage door?
My dogs somehow managed to chew a hole on the inside of my garage door. I don’t know what the material is called, but it looked like styrofoam. They didn’t chew through the outside metal part, just the inside when they were playing in the garage. Where do I get this material so I can replace it?

Posted by Earl

Admin: If it looks like styrofoam, it probably is. However, unless you are concerned about the appearance, or the lack of insulation in that area, it doesn’t need to be replaced.

If it’s covered with foil, the only place you’re likely to find exact replacement material would be at a building supply store – it’s called “rigid insulation”, and is available in a variety of thicknesses. If it’s plain styrofoam, that can be obtained at a crafts store, or depending on how much you need, in various packaging materials. In either case, trim out the damaged area in a square or rectangle, and cut a piece that will fit into that spot. It can be held in place using construction adhesive, or even silicone caulking compound.


My garage door won’t open?
Our garage door spring broke. Is there any way we can get it open while we are waiting for the repair man? We have tried to open it manually, but it won’t budge.

Posted by Stev

Admin: If your spring is broken then the garage door will be very heavy. Here’s what I do when I get to a job that has a broken spring and the customer’s car is in the garage.

Leave the opener connected. Then take the remote control to the garage door opener and push the button while lifting the door. The door will be really heavy and it wont be easy to lift but the opener will give you some assistance. Of course, if two or three people can lift the door while the button is pushed it will be even easier.

Caution – don’t try to use the opener only to lift the door. You can damage the opener.