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Genie Garage Door Opener

Questions and Answers

How do I fix the limit on an old Genie door opener?
When the door opens it goes to the floor and then goes up about 2 inches. Then when I open it it doesn’t work. I have to push it open the first few inches then it goes up. This is a garage door from about 1990. I believe the problem is the limit switch and the door is closing too far… I don’t know but that’s my guess. Help

Posted by Greg

Admin: Genie garage door openers replacement repair part for chain drive door operators limit clips. Step1 Remove any old garage door opener limit clips which may still be attached to the door opener chain. Using the garage door opener pushbutton or the door operator remote control transmitter, position the garage door approximately 1 to 2 feet from the closed position. Step 2 Disengage the garage door opener carriage from the inner slide by pulling the red release cord. Manually close the garage door. Measure the distance between the middle of the inner slide and the middle of the carriage. Step 3 Remove three limit clips and three self tapping screws from the garage door opener parts bag. The garage door remains closed. Viewing from the top of the power unit, note the two limit actuators on each side of the power unit at the end closest to the rail assembly (“up” and “down). Using the same distance (1′ – 2′) obtained step 2, measure along the garage door opener chain from the down actuator. Step 4 Attach a limit clip at the position determined in step 3. With the large hole in the clip facing down, attach the clip over the top and bottom of the garage door opener chain. The “hourglass” shape at the ends of the clip should be positioned between the outer link plates of the garage door opener chain. Step 5 Secure the garage door opener clip to the door operator chain by installing the self tapping screw securely while holding the ends of the clip firmly in place on the chain. Step 6 Be certain the carriage release lever remains disengaged. Manually open the garage door. Measure the distance between the “up” actuator and the middle of the garage door openers carriage. (note: the inner slide will remain stationery during this step.) Step 7 Manually close the garage door. Measuring from the center of the inner slide toward the garage door opener power unit, attach the limit clip to the door operator chain at the distance obtained in step 6. Secure the clip to the chain with the self tapping screw. Step 8 Install the third limit clip 6 rollers away from the “up” limit clip and the inner slide. Be sure to securely tighten the self tapping screw. Step 9 Re-engage the garage door opener carriage to the inner slide. Check the limits of your installation by operating the door opener. If any limit adjustment is necessary, the limit clips can be removed and repositioned on the garage door opener chain by completely removing the self tapping screws. Once the limits are set be sure to re-install and securely tighten the self tapping screws.


Find code on genie garage door opener?
i moved into a different house. the garage door has a genie “screw drive” opener. the only way to open it currently is to press the button on the wall inside. meanwhile, found an old genie garage door opener, model gt912. it has all the little switches, and i need to know how to figure out the code for the switches. so i tried to open the cover of the motor part, im assuming that the code is to be found in the lightbulb compartment, but how do i open the compartment?
tia! (thanks in advance)
Update: how do i know if its compatible with my remote thingy?

Posted by Jar

Admin: Unplug the opener first, then remove 4 or 6 small screw that hold the cover on. Gently take it off and you’ll see the control board. Just match the dip switches. Plug the unit back in and test it before you put the cover back on, then unplug, reassemble, plug it back in and enjoy.

One warning, check to make sure that the clicker you are using is the same frequency as the receiver,
just because it has the same number of switches doesn’t mean it’s a match.

Regarding the compatibility of the opener with the remote.
First, let’s define some terms. Let’s call the unit mounted to the ceiling and plugged into an outlet the opener.
The little, battery powered device we’ll call the remote or “clicker”.
Look for remotes which are supposed to work with your opener. If the remote you have matches, model number to model number, and the remote is working, it should activate the opener.