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Garage Door Spring

Questions and Answers

Selecting garage door springs – sizing & precision needed, etc.? Pros?
If going to a hardware store or building center, one’s not particularly likely to find an exact match on these things. Packaging will note the rating in pounds of lift/resistance, and it’s pretty obvious what the diameter and length is, but how far does that need to go? And do you go for a pair, so they at least match? Thanks in advance.

Posted by Jim

Admin: Your garage door has two springs, one on either side, near the track? (i.e., not overhead by the door)

Yes, replace both springs. If one broke, the other is getting ready to break.

Your old springs may be marked, or have a color code. Look for it.

Even better if you can weigh the door, with the springs disconnected. You can use a bathroom scale with a piece of scrap lumber on top to protect it. Lower the door onto it slowly.

For a residential garage door, the length and diameter of the springs don’t matter. The strength of the springs matter, and what you need depends on the weight of the door (without springs).


Installing Garage Door Torsion Springs.?
We all know that installing garage door torsion springs with the door closed is VERY dangerous for most people to tackle.
You have to wind them by 7.5 turns for a 7 foot door.
Can the torsion springs be installed with the door open all the way up with just a 1/2 turn winding up? As the door is is closed, the springs will be tighten up.
Has anyone tried it?

Posted by Will

Admin: The torsion springs aren’t that dangerous as you perceive to install. You will need to bring the door all the way down to the floor level and then “unload” those springs one at a time using two, 12 inch long 1/2 diameter steel rods. Never work on springs with the door in up position, the cable positions cannot be set in up position.. One rod locks onto the garage wall and holds, while you use the next hole and with the second rod and unload. ( or reload) Kind of a stepping off use of the two rods into those rod holes.

Wear a pair of thick leather gloves when you do this. Once you unload both sides, then you need not remove the center support, simply unbolt the springs and drums and supports and install a new springs. There is a right side and left side spring.

Preload the door in the down position also, count the number of turns and load each side accordingly. Careful on those cable drums, those need to be exactly positioned first so put those on and crank those so cable is tight on both sides. When done you should be able to lift and lower door with a couple of fingers effort.