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Garage door repair adjust springs and drums!!!?
Ok my problem is my garage door repair will only go half way up with tension and not stay down . i got new drums and cables. because is wound the wrong way and they snapped. my drums are on the out side of the plate and i have to wind downward not up ward. I have adjusted the springs so it will stay down and go about halfway up . i have crawford springs. when i adjust it is either to short or to loose. my opening is 6′-9″ width is 16′.
When i get it up to 6’9″ there is to much slack and the cables unwind!!! what am i doing wrong. i suck
Update: well i never took the springs off the shaft. and i am going in the same direction because when i when upwards the springs popped out of the crawford knuckle and the other end of the spring
Update 2: I am not trying to take it all apart if i dont have to

Posted by Phil

Admin: It sounds like you’re winding the springs the wrong direction, and they’re coil binding-cutting their range of motion. If there is something keeping you from routing the cables the other direction around the drums, switch the springs and wind it up the direction you’re trying now.